Who we are?

The Navisyo group was founded in 2020, in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, with the intention of providing innovative and customized solutions, to remedy the health, safety and financial impacts of the
Covid -19 crisis.

Divisions within the Navisyo Group

Redefining “The Art of Giving Back”

Helping police, firefighters, teachers, military and medical professionals purchase their first home on the water, anywhere in the USA.

Redefining Realty

A selection of luxurious and eco-friendly houseboats for cost-efficient and autonomous living, on all waterways, around the globe.

Redefining Lodging

An exclusive collection of authentic Floatel stays around the world, handpicked and managed by the Navisyo Corporation.


At Navisyo Homes, our mission is to redefine the world of realty by taking smart living to new heights, thus becoming a disruptive leader in global home on the water property investments.

Mobility, simplicity and practicality are essentials to smart living. We, at NavisyoHomes, hold ourselves to extremely high standards in accountability, performance and ethics – continuously striving to act and deliver with integrity, authenticity and transparency. Today, sustainability is no longer an option, it has become a necessity! Buying a home for first time owners is fast becoming an unrealizable dream or if realized, a financial burden for years to come.

A real estate branch of the Navisyo Group, which enables new beginnings and healthier prospects, through smarter housing options always on the water.

Ontario, CA

Greg Marlo President and Founder of YACHT Solutions in Canada states, “The Navisyo products come to Canada at a perfect time when people are looking to spend more time with family and friends on the water. The cost of cottages has seen an enormous increase in prices over the last two years and the Navisyo product is a great alternative. The product is also exempt from the federal governments soon to be proposed 10% Luxury tax on boats over $250,000. We have always promoted that when not being used by the owner, this type of asset just like a luxury yacht can be rented out to generate revenue. Ultimately the Navisyo product becomes a wise investment towards a better quality of life for Canadians.”

Greg Marlo

Based in Toronto, Ontario, YACHT Solutions is a premier yacht dealership providing sales, service and yacht management to its clients. Since 2008 they have created their niche in the market by offering unique products and services such as Fractional Yacht Ownership and Yacht Ownership with Revenue Programs to their clients. Their expertise in these areas makes them an ideal partner to be importing and promoting the Navisyo products into Canada. YACHT Solutions incorporates three key pillars that bring value to clients, by continuously generating programs and services that Save Time, Save Money while ultimately Improving Lifestyles.

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