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The height of the vessel above the waterline is 12.66 Feet.

We are in the final design phase of the Navis v.08.1 electric model which will have an electric propulsion, photovoltaic solar panels and batteries. The final cost is not yet available. However we believe it will cost an additional $46,000 and we expect the first unit to be ready for delivery by the end of 2023.

It is not necessary or advisable to install bow propellers. The two separate motor engines located aft, allow you to dock perfectly – however, to be really effective in places with strong water currents it would be advisable to install 2×15 hp or 20 hp engines.

An anchor in the bow is included and additional options can be installed in the stern

The boat does not come equipped with a portable VHF since the regulations in Europe do not require it, however there is no problem in equipping it with one.
A hand held device is sufficient. You can buy a pack of two from West Marine for around $120.00
With regards to fire fighting systems, the boat does not come equipped. We recommend installing an ABC 3Kg Dust Extinguisher Unit, Efficiency Type 13A-89B-C, dimensions in mm 390×130.
The boat has two places to store the life jackets, either inside the government console or inside the dining room seating.

– Slip rentals, including FL Tax, can range from $350 to $1200 per month plus $15 per month for environmental fees.

– Electricity can be a flat rate $85 or a metered rate, depending on usage.

-Water can be monthly or metered. We suggest filling the boat tank, rather than using a hose
directly from the marina, as the higher pressure can adversely affect boat plumbing.

– Black water pump out can vary. If done at the dock, it can be as little as $15, if the pump out boat
has to come to you – $60 to $100 and if you go to a station it is often free.

– Wi-fi is often free or for a small monthly surcharge.

– Bottom painting for salt water barriers (4 coats) and 2 coats of non ablative paint at $60 per foot – $1,560 – will last 5 years as long as the hull is cleaned. If in fresh water about half that amount.

– Boats can be hauled for cleaning with a fork lift for about $150 both ways, but is not needed if a diver is used.

– Dive cleaning at $60 per dive. In cool months (every other month) and in warm months (every
month). Total estimated amount of $720 per year.

– Replacing zincs on the small outboards (every 3 to 5 years).

– Motors oil has to be changed and impellers replaced.

– Every 6 months, the shifting and throttle cables need to be checked for movement and lubricated as needed (DIY).

– Registration fees vary according to county and state.

The navigation lights are port 112.5o (red), starboard 112.5o (green) and stern 135o (white).
Yes, the boat has the manufacturer’s plate where it marks the maximum capacity of people on board.
Yes, the inlets for water, fuel and wastewater outlets are all properly labelled.
Yes the fly bridge has drains for rainwater.
The boat is not supplied with anti-fouling paint, however, the hull is marked where the anti-fouling paint must be applied. With respect to the use of zinc, it is unnecessary except in the engines.
The handrails are fixed with stainless steel screws and can be disassembled.
Once the handrails are dismantled, the height remains the same since there is still the government console and the OTV (the OTV is the grey dome that houses the upper cabin)
It can be transported by road on a flat bed container or a fork lift can be used to load the unit onto a flatbed once it has landed.

Yes, we are studying other possibilities with the electric motors.

The steering cable is mechanical.
We can study the possibility of including a system for bicycles.
The sound system has a connection to the Smart TV. The Navisyo Home also comes with USB and USBC outlets.
Yes, the swim ladder is retractable.

The boat has its own fenders embedded in the hulls, however we recommend using inflatable fenders that are 32 inches long.

The doors feature high-strength stainless steel hinges.

Door locks with conventional handles. Boat cabinets are the “push” type.

We would have no problem in installing this system. For more details contact your Navisyo Homes representative.

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