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As property prices, on dry land, are ever-increasing and supply is dwindling, it is not surprising that the Navisyo Homes on the water is gaining in popularity and is fast becoming the most attractive and most affordable option for home buyers – needing to purchase a primary residence or coveting a secondary home as a property investment.

Life on the water can be highly enjoyable and it is a great alternative to the everyday hustle and bustle of central city life.

You can now choose to wake up to a vibrant waterfront skyline view every day! Bored with this view or need a break? Turn on the engine and take your Navisyo Home to a different location, or simply contact your Navisyo Homes representative and we will arrange to have your home picked up and dropped off to a more tranquil off the grid location.

What is a Navisyo Home?

Ever wanted to buy a house but worry about your next move? What if you could bring your home with you and alleviate the stress of packing and unpacking each time?

A Navisyo Home is a motorized boat that has been designed to be used as a residential home and
that is considered to be realty property. A home you can move anywhere and anytime.

Today, buyers have the opportunity to opt for smarter housing options, with an access to boundless living and traveling.

The Navisyo motorized home allows you to do just that: start fresh and relocate anywhere around the world.

Benefits of
a Navisyo Home

• Navisyo Home owners are rewarded with maximum freedom, having the ability to live, work and travel on a whim, anywhere around the world.

• Remote home workers have the luxury of choosing their office views from million dollar sky line views to secluded nature views depending on their wants and needs of the moment.

• For boating enthusiasts, it is a practical way to combine their home life with their boating passion, without the stress and hassle of commuting, from home to the water, each time.

• Since Navisyo Homes are always on the water, there are no annual yard duties to be done and the landscaping projects are always free. The best part is that there are no yearly real estate taxes or closing costs!

• The therapeutic properties of life on the water promote relaxing and enjoyable moments, close to nature, far away from the stress and constraints of everyday life.

• In today’s post pandemic era, simple and clutter free home boat living provides an unparalleled quality of life – which is both rejuvenating and healing for the mind, body and soul.

Additional benefits

As an owner of a Navisyo Home you could use your unit as a rental opportunity for travelers – seeking safer, healthier and more authentic experiences on the water.

By joining Navisyo Floatel Collection revenue sharing ecosystem, home boat owners can benefit from a sustainable yearly income, additional global community exposure and gain access to professional on-site support and assistance – resulting in increased bookings.

Not forgetting the many sea-loving seniors, who can choose to retire on the water, as a great cost efficient option to savor their well earned leisure time, with the unlimited freedom to move around.

Property home investors may also consider purchasing a Navisyo Home as a waterfront cost friendly investment option, which can be moved around anywhere in the world.

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