Thank You Fund
Redefining “the Art of Giving Back”

Police, firefighters, military, teachers, social workers and medical professionals are dedicating their lives, on a daily basis to serve us – most often, putting their lives at risk for the safety and welfare of our community.


According to RenoFi, over the past 10 years, housing prices in the U.S. have increased by 48.55%, and it is predicted that by 2030, a single-family home could reach the sky rocketing price of $382,000!

Unfortunately, this sad reality has strongly impacted the lives of our everyday heroes, whom are no longer able to afford a home of their own. This is exactly why NavisyoHomes has created the Thank You Fund.

A home ownership funding program for our everyday heroes!

“We are committed to aiding all of our nation’s heroes, acquire their very own Navisyo home boat – either as an alternative residential option or as a home boat property vacation rental investment, thus securing the opportunity for additional family income.”

– CEO of Navisyo Homes


A $15,000 grant will be awarded to each household. Limited to one Navisyo home boat per household in order to help them finance the acquisition of their first Navisyo home, anywhere in the United States and Canada.

As a token of gratitude for all the people with a courageous profession, who contribute in their efforts and with a good heart to help others – we are here and willing to express our “Thank you”.

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