Sunset at my own houseboat

Living Aboard Your Own Boat

Truly Living and Enjoying Life By the Water

Ever wondered what it would be like to learn to sail and liveaboard a yacht just cruising through life? 

Picture this: The sun shining on the horizon, the sound of nature all around you, scuba diving until sundown, the moon shining on the backyard water surrounding you.

Maybe you daydreamed about it or thought of it as a child, maybe it just sounds nice in this season of life after COVID and the crazy lifestyle we have been trying to survive. So why not start to entertain the thought of making it a reality? Life by the beach or near a lake or both!

For many, that dreamy lifestyle has become a tangible actual lifestyle, and today we want to share why it is a much more affordable reality and no longer just a daydream. In fact, this opportunity is closer to you than you may think. 

Live Your Dream Life With a Boat Home By The Water Front

Let’s begin by tackling the number one objection: the cost. In previous posts, we have dedicated time to compare the cost of living aboard a water home vs buying a waterfront property. You can read more about Living Your Dream Life at an Affordable Price, here. However, it is no surprise that with real estate property prices going sky-high the next best thing is to live aboard a fancy and comfortable water home that you can also sail on.  No matter what popular water location you are looking at, from Miami to Lake  Powell, it is undoubtedly pricier to buy a house than buy a boat. This is why living on a boat in Florida has become the next best thing. It isn’t just about the actual property but also the cost of living and other extra perks that come with living on a boat that is not tied to a specific location. Add to this the fact that boat prices are far lower than a waterfront property price, and you can see why many choose to buy a yacht. The best part? You can upgrade or downgrade the cost of living as you see fit, based on where you are located.

Cost of Living Index When You Own a Water Home

For example, using a cost of living calculator we compared the cost of living in Miami FL versus that of Corpus Christi, TX (both are locations where you can live on a boat). If you run the search yourself you will see that as of 2022 Corpus Christi’s cost of living is almost 32% lower than that in Miami FL. Why is this great news? Well, when you are living in a boat making that kind of move is much more doable, simple and comfortable than moving from a house since you can easily have a boat towed into the next best (or less expensive) living location.

Consider What Comforts You Would Like to Enjoy

When deciding to live aboard your boat, it is also important to consider the cost of living and comforts that you want to enjoy. It is not the same thing to live on a yacht as it is to live on a small sailboat. As you already know, there are numerous varieties of boats and when it comes to houseboats the same stands true. Not all water homes are created equal so be mindful of the experience you want to have inside your boat, not just on the water.

What to Keep in Mind in Regards to the Interior of a Water Home

Houseboat Interior Space.

Although location flexibility and water proximity without waterfront property prices are both great perks of living on your boat. There is also the interior to consider. Your living and working space inside your boat should work for you and feel cozy and practical. One important interior aspect to consider is the kitchen. They say the kitchen is the heart of a home and this is certainly true, yet quality over quality is truly the key when it comes to a houseboat. 

The Kitchen is Key in a Houseboat

Consider the basics and be mindful of the functionality of your interior kitchen space. Make sure that the area is adaptable and contains the right sections for things that matter most to you. For example, if you love to bake you may want to equip your kitchen with an adaptable small oven that fits well into a corner of your water home kitchen space. You want your kitchen to have the right basics based on what is important to you, but be mindful of not adding so many things that your space looks crowded or cluttered. The best way to do this is to ensure that you stick to only essential items that you regularly will be using. Do not keep dishes, silverware or electronics just laying around the kitchen, instead have a designated space and only the amount you will use regularly. Remember that with tide and water movement it is important that things stay in place. So, a tidy and well-equipped kitchen cabinet that can hold plates, utensils, electronics, etc. that is well adjusted and not easily swinging open is always a good idea. The same concept applies to drawers and other spaces through the water home including drawers, closets, and similar spaces. 

Appliances in Your Water Home.

Another important aspect of any home, whether on a boat or on land is the appliances that help us run a smooth lifestyle. This includes the refrigerator, freezer, microwave, television, etc. Having a houseboat equipped with the right appliances can make a world of difference when it comes to both your cost of living and your standard of living. You will most likely not find side-by-side refrigerators or french door refrigerators in a water home but you can find a modern and sleek upright freezer and/or an innovative fridge that matches your style and needs. When selecting appliances keep in mind the amount of electricity and gas that is required to power all the things you need because every water home is different depending on the electric input and output requirements.

Electric functionality of Your Houseboat.

The electric functionality of your houseboat will depend on the type of vessel or model that you have and this itself is a contributing factor to the cost of living. Most houseboats do not have to pay an electricity bill when they can generate their own power. Some common ways that houseboats generate their own power are through solar power, gas, a generator engine, or even wind power in some cases. However there are other cases where the boats are connected to 120 Volt AC shore power in the liveaboard marina, and in these cases, there may be an electricity bill occurrence depending on the mooring fields site rules. When it comes to appliances you want to ensure that the electric capacity of your water home is in good standing year-round and that you have a backup plan in case of an electricity outage. For smaller devices such as laptops and cellphones, many opt for backup portable power stations. You can buy multiple so you can have several fully powered backups. A common brand that offers these products is Anker (a specialized battery company) that has models such as the Anker 521 Portable Power Station, and different others to suit your different needs. You can learn more about their portable power stations, at Anker´s power station page, here.

Understanding How a Water Home is Powered 

As we had previously mentioned not all houseboats are created equal and some may not be motorized because they tend to be kept more stationary. Our suggestion is to ensure that your water home is motorized. Having the freedom to have a motorized houseboat with great electric motor capacity and large battery bank storage power adds freedom to your lifestyle. In regards to electricity and fuel, there is another important aspect to consider. Far beyond the home sustainability or your own space, it has become more and more important that we also address the environmental sustainability and responsibility of owning a water home.

House Boat powered by Solar panel

The Importance of Renewable Energy in Water Homes

Renewable energy sources are no longer optional, they are absolutely necessary. Wind power, offshore wind turbines, and wind farms along with solar panel options are being sought after in a more diligent manner across different living spaces. The application of these renewable energy sources when it comes to housing solutions on the water is also evolving every day. Many have opted to install solar panels for electricity solutions on their houseboats. Solar panel installations are a great solution for many, however, be mindful of the quality and installation process as these can greatly vary based on your needs.

Smart Housing Solutions that Elevate Your Living Experience

 If you truly want the best experience and a smart housing solution that combines the perfect balance between luxury and environmental mindfulness. Then, you certainly don’t want to keep your eyes off Their high-end quality spaces and thoroughly-thought out technological advancements blend the best of sleek innovation and sustainable living. Their Navisyo V.08 model is a premium quality motorized home boat that will revolutionize the standard of living across life aboard marinas in all of North America. The electric version will also include photovoltaic solar panels and batteries as well as electric propulsion. You can learn more about the interior details and electric innovations of this luxury water home, here.

Top 5 Benefits of Living Aboard Your Own Luxury Boat Home

  • Stop settling and start setting a higher standard of living for yourself without being attached to the current real estate extremes in waterfront properties. 
  • Use the cost of living index to select where you want to live in each season of your life and make moving aboard as simple as making one call to get your home transported to the nearest pier. 
  • Contribute to a more solution-oriented lifestyle for environmental sustainability with fully renewable energy compatibility in your Navisyo Home.
  • Flexibility to fully experience the world around you while keeping your sacred home space intact. 
  • Uncomparable views and water experiences.

Smart Water Home Spaces at Your Reach

Create the ideal life and travel from place to place without worrying about the quality of life. Who says you can’t have it all? At Navisyo Homes we believe in changing the world one home at a time with mobility, simplicity, and practicality that takes smart living and your lifestyle to new heights. Now you can get the flexibility you want, the luxury you desire, and the sustainability you need without sacrificing your economy, with Navisyo. Take advantage of the incredible introductory price offer. Contact us today.

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