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Watefront Homes Hack: Build Your Dream Life at an Affordable Price

Waterfront Homes for Sale Near Me

No matter what part of the country you live in, it is a given that a water front home will have a higher property value than a similar non-waterfront house in that same city. This is true whether we are talking about a lakefront home or ocean front property. In fact, in most places, waterfront homes for sale will have a price increase of around $100,000 more than a similar house away from the ocean view. Hawaii, California, and the coast of the Long Island are where you will tend to find the highest-priced waterfront homes. According to in the United States, water front homes are worth more than double the value of homes overall. They also state that the highest premiums for water front homes are in Florida and along the Great Lakes, although the least expensive waterfront homes can also be found in certain areas of Florida. 

Increased Price: High Demand for Waterfront Homes

Waterfront homes for sale are always in high demand. The amazing views, prime surrounding spaces, leisure amenities, and most of all, their limited availability increases desirability. There is a common saying about waterfront homes, it is that: “they don’t make them anymore.” This statement refers to the supply and demand that comes with water front homes being limited, after all, there is only so much ocean front or surrounding lake space to build lake homes or ocean homes in. 

Florida Waterfront Homes for Sale Come With a Premium

To better illustrate the price increase of waterfront homes let’s take a look at the Florida ocean front homes and their prices in the past year. Just in the past year waterfront homes for sale in Miami Beach have increased in price by around 14% while a water front home in Pompano Beach has increased 15% just in the last year, and up to 40% since 2016. The typical home value of a house in Miami Beach is around $400,000 while the average value of homes with waterfront is $549,000. However, the average value can certainly increase in other areas of Florida. Florida waterfront homes for sale in Pompano have a median listing of 1.5 million while the lowest listing last year was for $595,000 and the highest listing was for almost 7.6 million dollars.

As we can see, there always seems to be a higher price to pay for a waterfront location. However, this doesn’t mean that your dream of living near an ocean or lake needs to be extinguished. There is a better way to get your dream location at an affordable price and even gain some bonus benefits. 

A Better Way to Get a Waterfront Location

Introducing a better way to get any waterfront location you want, at just a fraction of the price: Navisyo Home. Far more than just a houseboat, it is a sexy water home that you can sail in. Whether you want to spend some time traveling or settle in a location for a couple of months, a Navisyo home is exactly what you need to make your dreams a reality. Describing it as a houseboat would not do it justice. This cutting-edge motorized home boat comes with the flexibility you want, the innovative edge you need, and all the perks of waterfront space, without being tied down to a location or high price tag.  

Endless Possibilities with a Water Home Boat

Love the idea of living on the water? Think of the endless possibilities! You are no longer tied to a location and you get to live by the shore while experiencing all the amazing things that a life by the beach has to offer. Think about it, you would not only be saving thousands in avoiding the large number that the real estate market dictates on a waterfront house but the cost of living would also decrease depending on your location. There are many benefits to this.

  10 Benefits: Ways to Make the Most of a Motorized Water Home Boat

  1. Visit another country for longer terms without high hotel costs. Ever thought about living in another country? Want to lower your cost of living while increasing the level of your lifestyle? Well, now you don’t have to worry about finding a good hotel deal, dealing with rental contracts, or being tied to one location in an Airbnb. Don’t just visit another country get to spend time knowing it. 
  2. Stay at a beach destination, in your own home. When you have a floating luxury home, location is your next adventure. No need to stress about what beach you choose to live in. No more missing out because there are things you like about one beach location but some other great stuff you could also enjoy if you lived at a different oceanfront. Stay at any seaside for as long as you want and have the freedom to try out different beach locations before you decide where you want to spend most of your time.
  3. Go on vacation along the coast without worrying about what to pack. Vacations don’t have to take long tedious hours of planning and packing, figuring out what you may or may not need. When your house is a smart water home all you need to do is plan the next water route along the coast. Visit new spaces and places without frustration because you will have everything you need with you, including your actual home.   
  4. Visit a foreign country and avoid air travel. You can sail away to a foreign country and spend your days enjoying the ocean and views while having whatever you need with you. This is especially great amid a pandemic when flights are constantly being canceled, re-routed, rebooked, and air travel restrictions keep becoming a game of “Simon says” that can constantly change. Learn more about the COVID restriction differences between air and land travel: How to Plan a European Vacation Considering COVID 19 Restrictions
  5. Have a staycation and enjoy your time boating and fishing. Feel like relaxing and taking some time off work but don’t want to drive long hours to a different place? Just take some time off and enjoy the peace and beauty of the water around you. Take some time to cruise your boat and home while fishing, go out to the nearby pier, and try out different restaurants along the coast that you may not have tried before. Walk into the beach town or make time to meet some incredibly interesting people living alongside you in their own water home. If you are staying near Seaport Village in San Diego you are just a few minutes away from Little Italy, Balboa Park, and even the San Diego airport. Get to know the city where you stay and make the most of your proximity to the interesting surrounding areas.
  6. Host a houseboat vacation for friends and family when you want a break. If you want to switch scenery and get a vacation in the city you can always trade homes with a friend or family member for a week. Let your friend and family actually try out living on the water and get back to land for a few days or weeks to keep your flexible lifestyle.
  7. Have an additional houseboat rental and make some extra income. If you choose to travel to the city or spend some time away from the water you can always turn your houseboat into a fun Airbnb rental. In fact, you could also use some of the money you saved (by buying a water home instead of a waterfront property) by investing that into a second water home to have as a rental and make consistent supplemental income. 
  8. Get to know your home country at another level, sea level. Road trips across your home country are great and can be much fun but a real adventure by the sea is an unbeatable experience. Sail around your country and get to know all the piers and harbors as you get to know different spaces, places, and faces. Become more well-rounded by learning about the big or small differences in culture, traditional foods, and social rules. Even though it’s the same country you might find that each seaport brings about its own special vibe. 
  9. Try living in different bodies of water, not just the ocean. Another great thing you can do when you have a water home is to completely change settings from the ocean to the lake. This will depend on the design and size, in many cases, you can transport it from the ocean to a lake by towing it along. This way, if you want a change of scenery while remaining close to a body of water, all you have to do is get your houseboat towed to the new location. You might find you enjoy being in a lake more than the beachfront.
  10. Move to another country and still stay in your home. If you ever wondered what it would be like to move to another country, now you can try it. Moving to a foreign country is a process and takes adaptation but even once you get past the culture shock you may still want to try different areas or locations. Having your own water home to sail and stay in, can facilitate the process by giving you the flexibility to figure out where you want to settle. This way you can bypass the ins and outs of getting a house or committing to a long-term contract if you are unsure of whether you will truly want to stay for the long run in any given place.

Travel to Mexico in a Motorized Houseboat

In case you are considering traveling or even moving to a foreign country. One highly sought-after option is Mexico. Many amazing waterfront locations provide beautiful sights and the cost of living is lower than in the United States or Canada. Two of the most popular locations for water homes are Baja California and Puerto Vallarta. Baja California is a common favorite because of its proximity to San Diego and California, as well as the variety of sights around there and wildlife conservation.

Sea of Cortez

One popular boating and waterfront location is the Gulf of California. The Sea of Cortez is located south of Baja California and is home to diverse fish species. A favorite spot to catch fish, snorkel, and enjoy all sorts of water activities. The breathtaking sights and large variety of wildlife also make it an ideal diving destination. The richness of the marine life in this location has earned it the title of “The Aquarium of the World.” 

Explore the Archeological Cave Paintings

San Francisco de los Sierra is another town higher up the Gulf of California and in the middle of Baja California. This town has an archeological site famous for its cave paintings. If you plan on staying near the shore and want to venture into the towns this is one to go see. The actual distance from the shore is not as far but there are no direct roads or highways so it takes about 3 hrs on the road (by car) to get there from Mulege Bay.

Valle de Guadalupe

Even higher up north of the Baja California peninsula going towards Tijuana and San Diego you will find Valle de Guadalupe. Famous for its premier wine, this location is responsible for 90% of the wine produced in Mexico. This town is near Ensenada and about 30 min by car from San Miguel bay. It is a great place to visit if you are looking for some adventures away from the bay.

 Navisyo Homes: Start Your Smart Living Lifestyle 

Regardless of where you choose to vacation or stay long-term, your smart water home makes any seashore or port an accessible and affordable space. Start your smart living lifestyle with a smart water house. Learn more on how you can acquire your Navisyo home and begin to build your dream life today.


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