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No longer stuck: The Digital Nomad Life With Homes You Can Sail In

The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

With the pandemic normalizing remote work, it is now easier and more attractive than ever to become a digital nomad and have a fulfilling nomadic lifestyle. There are many aspects to this type of living and some include sustainability, quality of life and, a lifestyle with more flexibility.

You may have heard this term before, maybe you have a couple of friends living this way or you may have wondered what it would be like to experience this lifestyle yourself. Well, today we want to address some of the different aspects that play a role when choosing to live the nomad life with style. We also want to share how you can make the most of this way of living by taking advantage of new technology and nontraditional living opportunities.

Understanding the Digital Nomad Dream: Freedom and Location-Independence

 What exactly is a digital nomad? Digital nomads are remote workers whose jobs or entrepreneurship may depend on technology but not location. This allows them to be free from having to purchase a home and live in any one specific location and facilitates travel since they can work anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. Of course, along with the many benefits, it also comes with its own set of challenges and adjustments. A digital nomad lifestyle consists of ongoing moving experiences and constant planning in order to have a more minimalistic way of living and greater independence and better experiences.

Some Reasons Why Many Choose to Become Digital Nomads

 There are many reasons why people choose to become digital nomads. For some, it is the ability to stay in affordable homes in parts of the world where the cost of living is lower and higher quality of life is more accessible. For others it is the possibility to travel around, being able to move anytime, meeting new people, experiencing new places, and being location-independent that mostly draws them to this lifestyle. For most, it is a combination of all three things, traveling, a higher quality lifestyle, and more independence that makes this way of living attractive. However, this can look very different for each individual. This is what makes this an amazing opportunity, every person who chooses to live this lifestyle can create their own rules and desires based on their location flexibility. 

Traveling Homes: Location Flexibility and Mobility

Some digital nomads enjoy constantly moving and traveling all over the world but others prefer to stay location-independent within their own country. The ongoing rise of nontraditional homes and short-term rental opportunities such as Airbnb has made it easy for many to find their own flavor of independence. While some may like to road trip on RVs, others use Airbnb, and some even sail the oceans or travel through the coast in their own houseboat. Others may have their home base but travel year-round to different parts of the world, but this is getting more difficult for many to do, especially with the constant rise of real estate prices. In fact, the ongoing increase in the price of a house has greatly contributed to many freelancers, contractors, and tech-savvy workers choosing a nomad lifestyle. 

The Best of Both Worlds: Smart Living and the Adventurous Life 

A common theme among digital nomads is “smart living.” The idea that luxury living has to come with an outrageous price tag is no longer as prevalent. There are numerous digital nomads that enjoy an adventurous life and splurges but many others just want incredible settings and amazing views while they work from home. Whether that means an ocean view, a walk by the beach, or a lake setting that can easily cause envy. 

Smart Living: A sub lifestyle for the Nomad Life

Smart living is an important sub lifestyle of some digital nomads and it incorporates different aspects. These include higher-quality living, energy efficiency, home design, and enjoyable environments. A high percentage of digital nomads prefer to be near water, yet waterfront homes can be quite costly even in other countries. With this in mind, digital nomads have found the perfect way to reap the benefits of both worlds. The amazing ocean view along with mobility.

Never Stuck: Homes by the Sea Shore that Move With You

 Waterfront homes in San Diego and Big Sur, California are easily above a million dollars. For those that want to be around water but enjoy the mountain views, riverfront homes around Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge can be found listed for anywhere between half a million to a million and a half dollars. With rent in these places ranging from $1,500 USD to around $4,000 USD a month or more. These prices make it challenging for many to actually live out their dream of living by a lake or near the beach. However, many digital nomads have switched to a smarter way to make this happen by sailing towards their dreams.

Living Life on the Water Line 

Countless couples and individuals have decided to make their dream of living by the water come true by living on high-end houseboats or yachts. This allows them to travel and live by the shores without being limited by constantly rising real estate prices. It also gives them the flexibility of changing locations as they please without having to ongoingly deal with movers, insane moving costs, or constantly needing to rent a moving truck. Living and sailing in your home has many perks but also comes with its own set of changes. To learn more about specific experiences from different individuals living out this lifestyle read this New York Post article that introduces you to digital nomads from all over the world that are living on their water homes. 

Water Homes That are Versatile and Reliable

Having a reliable and versatile water home comes with all sorts of advantages including the ability to switch locations while taking your house with you. This is great if you like to change and want to regularly move settings. For example, if you want to go from having a beautiful ocean view to a lakefront front space with a mountain view, then all you need to do is tow what you need with you along with your houseboat using a long-distance moving company. If you talk to the customer service of a moving company you can inquire about special truck rentals that will allow you to move your houseboat with you or tow it for you. Some companies have the option of including a houseboat to get a quote when filling in their moving cost calculator. In fact, Heavy Haulers is a company that specializes in houseboat transportation services and can offer long-distance moving or even international moving options for houseboats. 

Smart Living Starts With Smart Housing

Navisyo Homes are the smartest water home option for a digital nomad lifestyle. Their new and revolutionary water home model creates a new meaning for energy efficiency. The Navisyo V.08 model takes houseboats to a whole other level as it is truly the creme de la creme when it comes to motorized home boats and sophisticated modern build. 

Sailing and Living With Style: Sleek Design and Sexy Sustainability

With a unique interior designer style and equipped with the latest technology. This energy efficient water home comes with electric propulsion, photovoltaic solar panels, and batteries. No need to worry about changing light bulbs often, the whole unit is equipped with LED lighting and an electric breaker system. The state-of-the-art electric motor will make gas prices a thing of the past, so all you have to worry about is your next destination.

Internet that Works For Remote Work on a Water Home

Having such a well-equipped water home also makes it easy to work from home. Depending on whether you will be spending most of your time on the shore or sailing through the waters, you will want to make sure that your internet connection is reliable. Options used to be somewhat limited in past years and wi fi hotspots near land were the main solution. It was either that or if you had a cell phone with a great service connection you would use your cell phone hotspot. Today, there are more options available. SpaceX Starlink has created Starlink internet, a reliable way to stay connected to the internet service when in your houseboat. There are also other ways to access internet connections when you are not on land such as mobile hotspots. You can read more about internet alternatives for boats here: Satellite Internet for Boats

Navisyo Homes: Helping Digital Nomads Level up their Lifestyle

At Navisyo Homes we are dedicated to enhancing the traveling lifestyle and facilitating smart living. Our mission is to make a water home an affordable luxury that not only provides the basics but enriches your life and workspace while bringing new meaning to sustainable living. The new electrical version, Navisyo V.08 is ready to change the industry of boating and water front homes. Learn how you can own your very own piece of paradise and take it anywhere you want. Contact us today by filling out the form at: Navisyo Homes 

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