Let the ocean speak

The wonder of oceans, rivers, lakes and canals is that they are perhaps the closest to nature’s serenity and peace as we can get. In some way, they remind us that there’s something bigger than us in the world, and the vast expanse of the sea stretching out beyond the horizon has always been a sight to marvel at, and an adventure to be called upon.

Perhaps now more than ever we are in need of the healing powers of water. To be reminded that life’s beauty lies beyond our everyday worries and that reconnecting with nature could also mean reconnecting with ourselves. After all, a fresh coastal breeze could mean a new beginning, or at least a chance to restart.

And that’s the spirit of our everyday work at NavisyoGroup. To sustainably connect as many people as possible with water and the wonders it can bring into everyone’s life. The oceans, lakes and rivers are, after all, a vast frontier with enough space for everybody to enjoy and re-establish a connection with their own peace of mind. So, if you’d like to get closer to the joy a water lifestyle can bring, follow our journey!

Navisyo Homes –⁠ Come and see us!

Launching two New Showrooms

We’ve opened two beautiful showrooms, one in California and one in North Miami Beach. Come see the new way of living on water for yourself! Our team will welcome you with open arms, and show you how wonderfully spacious our floating homes are.

Take a look at our Miami showroom:

New Instagram Page

We finally have an Instagram page where we like to show off a little. Come join the party! Follow us at @navisyohomes

Meet Us at Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 20

Let’s put online communication aside and meet in person! Come join us at this year’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. We will be showcasing our brand new Navisyo Home unit on slip HOF 203, October 26–30. Come say hi! News

Expanding Destinations

Our onboarding team talks to more boat owners each month, helping them register their sleek boats on our booking platform. We have now expanded in places like Athens, Thessaloniki, Amalfi coast, Costa del Sol and Balearic Islands. Authentic boating experiences across the Mediterranean just became even easier!

New Experiences for All!

If you get easily bored, we just made it a bit harder for you. With new experiences like dolphin watching, fishing, water sports trips, romantic evenings, tailor-made events and gastronomy, you’ll become an aquatic connoisseur and have the time of your life at the same time!

A Big Milestone

In September, we achieved over 1000 boat offers registered on our platform. Thank you for being a part of our journey to make boating more accessible and fun for everyone!


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