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High End Exotic Water Homes: Not your Typical Houseboat

Housing has become a subject that can really strike a conversation of all sorts and will easily bring many emotions to the table. Over the past years, we have faced all kinds of abrupt alterations. Elections, a wolrd-disrupting pandemic, and ongoing employment changes have caused much uncertainty for many. Yet, for some, it has opened up a world of possibilities. Many times it is the lack of information and limited options that creates fear or frustration and have us running in the wrong direction. With this in mind, we want to share a ground-breaking perspective and opportunity that can turn the tables in your favor.

When it comes to the real estate market and the next level of luxury living spaces, innovation and mobility is key. Which is why what we are about to share may just be the next best thing since cellphones.

Current Real Estate Market and Traditional Home Prices

Many different factors can affect the real estate market, and as we have seen over the past two years, real estate has had its own share of changes and adaptations to the marketplace. With lower interest rates and high demand for properties, real estate prices have continued to skyrocket in many cities all over the country. The property price history shows a consistent increase over the last 8 years in the real estate market. This means that unless interest rates begin to increase property values will continue to go up. Every year in February the National Association of Realtors releases the seasonally adjusted annual rate data with the final December data you can find this data for 2021 and 2022 here: Realtor Statistical News Release.

This data allows members to analyze and interpret the information in a way that can help them run their business with more educated guesses and predictions around economic indicators and influential factors in the real estate market.
Data also allows buyers and sellers to better understand and adjust their expectations. However, it can also ignite new opportunities and possibilities for those that are not willing to just settle.

In the past months, the increase in house prices has forced many to think outside the box as they find their buying options somewhat limited. House prices in many cities have had major increases. For example, Austin, Texas faced an increase in home prices of around $100,000 in just six months. Florida home prices have also been elevated by almost 69% in the past five years, and almost 24% of that has been in the past year.

All over the country, we see trends like this. It is no wonder that many young families that had been hoping to buy their first house are asking themselves: “When will home prices go down?” 

Will home prices drop in 2022?

Experts doubt it. Most real estate and economy experts agree that it is highly unlikely that home prices will drop in 2022. There might be less of an increase than last year but a drop in prices seems far from probable. According to economists from there is an 11% predicted increase in property prices this year. With that being the case and rental prices increasing at a rate higher than home prices this past year, young families and millennials are certainly facing several disadvantages when it comes to housing. This brings up a whole other level in the playing field: non-conventional homes. Non-conventional homes have been more consistently on demand over the past decade and not just as additional vacation places but also as living spaces. 

Nontraditional Housing Units

According to the census bureau, a housing unit is defined as “a living quarter in which the occupant or occupants live separately from any other individuals in the building and have direct access to their living quarters from outside the building or a shared space such as a common hall.” This includes RVs, houseboats, and vans only if that is an individual´s only place to reside in. Over the past years, mobile living such as houseboats and RVs as well as other types of nontraditional houses have been more and more on-demand. So it is no surprise that boat building is on the rise and harbor masters are witnessing more individuals and even young couples living on their home boats on the waterfront park. 

Not Your Typical Houseboat

Up to this point, you might have imagined a small houseboat with a fishing line sticking out but it might be time to reconsider your perspective and idea of what a houseboat experience can be like. Sure, there are many regular house boats for sale, you may even be able to find a decent houseboat for sale at a good price. However, we want to share a whole other world around houseboats and invite you to see the amazing opportunity beyond the norm, to not just have a more financially free life but also uplevel your lifestyle.

Exotic Water Homes and Luxury Living

Not all houseboats are created equal. When you think of a water front home it is easy to imagine the peaceful sound of the water, a beautiful bedroom window that overlooks the ocean, and the sound of the breeze in the morning. You most likely picture a two to three-bedroom space with a pretty kitchen and maybe even a terrace.

 Well, now you can have all that and more at just a fraction of the cost and with additional freedom and mobility. Navisyo homes has cracked the code for the perfect high-end exotic water space that brings all the benefits of a lake front house without the home maintenance hassle or price. Wake up in the elegance of a two to a three-bedroom house, have breakfast by the shorefront, work in the comfort of your floating home, amid the peaceful waters, and have dinner in the terrace as you spend some time mesmerized by the night sky and the starlight reflection the sparkling water surrounding you. 

Luxury Houseboats For Sale

This is not your typical small houseboat. Navisyo homes offer the perfect marriage between luxury boat design and naval architect technology, that bring the highest quality components together. These premium quality motorized home boats are exclusive handcrafted units created to add the perfect touch of sophistication, elegance, and efficient flexibility to an adventurous lifestyle of freedom. 

 Houseboat Rentals Florida

Houseboat rentals in Florida and other parts of the country are becoming more and more attractive, especially for millennials and digital nomads. Some retired couples are even taking advantage of the higher rent prices to rent out their homes and make a significant profit while they enjoy the flexibility and lower maintenance costs of a luxury houseboat. 

Home Maintenance Vs. Boat Maintenance

Although both home maintenance and houseboat maintenance play a crucial role in the upkeep and durability of living space, there are significant differences in both. The fact that a houseboat is regularly on the water makes it crucial to be on top of any type of water damage to ensure that there is no leakage or corruption in key components of the boat. Water damage in a house is also important but harder to detect so by the time it is detected, it can be much more costly to repair. There are some similar upkeeps between houses and houseboats such as checking the carbon monoxide detectors and ensuring that the sump pump and water heater are working properly. In all cases, awareness and diligence can prevent costly repairs down the road. 

Enriched Possibilities With Digital Living

The pandemic brought in a lot of challenges and abrupt changes to the real estate market it also created many new possibilities. Many were finally presented with the opportunity to work from home and this provided flexibility in regards to location.

 With a work from home job, some took the opportunity to test out different locations and look to live anywhere on Airbnb homes for any desired amount of time. This allowed them to try out living spaces and communities without a long-term contract and test out different options. Having a remote job also allowed many to veer off from traditional homes and test nontraditional home spaces such as luxurious houseboats, flotel stays across the globe, and other fun exotic spaces.

High-End Houseboats that Transform Your Lifestyle

The opportunity that high-end houseboats provide for digital nomads is especially worth noting. More digital nomads and young families can take advantage of luxurious yet flexible home space to begin an adventurous journey in different water fronts of the United States. Technology has advanced greatly and Starlink internet has made it accessible to maintain a remote job even onshore.

SpaceX Starlink now has made its Starlink satellites available for all sorts of spaces on land and water. Their high internet velocities and fast download speed make it just as good, if not better than most regular internet providers. Learn more about the best internet for boats here: Starlink internet for boats. With the ability to live anywhere, comfortable and stylish space that also allows for mobility, and internet accessibility the possibilities become endless. 

Unlike Any Houseboat You Have Seen Before: Elevate Your Lifestyle With Navisyo Homes

Whether you want to have an affordable high-end houseboat or the perfect rental property with a high turnover. Navisyo homes offer the most outstanding and unique models that are unlike any houseboat you have ever seen before. Every Navisyo water home is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, learn more today.

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