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Every year, we all remind ourselves how important it is to grow and push ourselves, and perhaps the end of the year invites reflection most of all. Keeping our minds open to new experiences and ideas, learning new skills, and expanding our horizons requires an extraordinary effort on our part. It means we have to admit to ourselves that we aren’t perfect and that we could be better. That’s never easy. But those who go through with these challenges reap the rewards, always.

Perhaps the best way to get ahead in the new year is to think about what we want to do differently now, instead of when January begins. At our company, we have recently done so by listening to those who struggled to find an available slip for their Navisyo Home, and understanding that we had to push and find a solution.

And so, one of our most exciting partnerships was born. We’re proud to announce a partnership with Suntex Marinas, one of the biggest marina operators in the country, allowing us and our customers to place their Navisyo floating homes in their beautiful marinas in locations that will blow you away. This is one of the last pieces of the puzzle completing a new approach to vacation rentals and floating homes we envisioned. And without seeking to improve, we would never have imagined this partnership possible.

In light of new chapters, we’ve long been wondering how we can tap into the next trend in travel, emphasizing unique experiences and a high level of privacy while maintaining a cost-effective operation. Finally, we can introduce to you a new concept of Eco-friendly hotels on water, using our floating homes as the most serene hotel rooms you’ve ever seen. Why only have a water view, when you can BE on water? For investors, the main advantages are an incredibly quick route from initial investment to first revenue, almost no construction needed, and being part of an attractive new approach to travel accommodation.

Over the past months, our creative team has been filming in California and Miami to paint our vision of a water lifestyle in the minds of those who love adventure and extraordinary experiences. We took both of our showroom units for a cruise, either strapping a kayak and a bike on for a more adventurous day out, or simply loading the fridge up with drinks to enjoy while admiring the golden sunset. You can see the result of our work on our Instagram page, or Youtube. Finally, we’d like to wish you a great last month of the year, may it be a month of reflection, wrapping up loose ends, and spending time with those who you love the most!

Expanding possibilities


Suntex Marinas operates an extensive network of the best saltwater and freshwater marinas in the United States, and is ready to welcome Navisyo Homes in their locations across the country. Have a look at their locations here:


 Have you wondered what the perfect hotel room might look like? We might have an answer! The Navisyo Floatel Collection concept uses our floating homes as part of a boutique and sustainable hotel on water, taking advantage of the unparalleled views and unique experience that living on water offers each traveler. Watch our new video to find out more:


Curious at what a floating home looks like when cruising? Wonder no more, as we have taken our California home out for a spin, and caught it on camera, including a wonderful West Coast sunset! Watch here:


We wish you a successful last month of the year. While most only reflect on the past year on the very last day, why not get ahead and take the time to realign and calibrate your focus early, so that you can hit 2023 all warmed up? But of course, most importantly, make it your mission to spend precious time with your loved ones!

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