How to buy your
Navisyo Home

Step 1

Choose your unit. Be sure to add a location where you want your Navisyo Home delivered.

Based on the desired location we will send you a quotation 30 days prior to your estimated final delivery date.

Fill out your personal details and be sure to use your legal name. If you are buying as a company choose that option and enter the pertaining information.

If you are a police officer, a firefighter, military personnel, a teacher, a social worker or perhaps a medical professional?

If so, you may qualify for a US$5,000 grant* in your last payment for the purchase of your Navisyo Home – this program is only available in the United States and Canada. If you believe you qualify, be sure to select Yes and a Navisyo representative will contact you to verify your affiliation or past ones. 

*limited to one Navisyo home boat per household. Approvals are subject to a review by Navisyo’s advisory Board and the final decision is at the sole discretion of Navisyo Management. To learn more about Navisyo’s Heroes Thank you Fund click the button.

Step 2

Once completed you will receive, within 24 hours, an email from DocuSign with a link to the required documentation to be signed by you.

You will be required to sign the following documents:

the Purchase Agreement that will include the payment plan along with its 2 year warranty conditions

Step 3

Once all of the documents have been signed you will be asked to pay a non-refundable US$10,000 deposit to process your order. This deposit can be paid either via bank transfer or by credit card. Subsequent payments can only be done via bank transfer.

30 days after the signing of your Purchasing Agreement you will be asked to pay the second payment 25% of the total invoice amount. At this stage the construction of your Navisyo Home begins. This second payment along with all others installments must be paid via bank transfer.

90 days after you have submitted your initial deposit, you will be sent your third payment notification by email, 25% of your total invoice will be due. Your fourth payment 25% will be due 150 days from the date of your signed purchase agreement and your last and fifth payment will be due upon delivery of your unit on site in Miami where you will receive a 4 hour home unit training course, at our showroom location. 

Step 4



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